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How to choose the right watch for your outfit

Choosing the right watch to match your outfit is very important, this is because a watch has the ability to make or break an outfit. Wrist watches for men are one of the few types of jewellery that men can wear. The best wrist watches for men are sophisticated, versatile, and simple. Different wrist watches go with certain outfits, for this reason, men have more than one wrist watch to wear.

There are 2 different types of wrist watches, these are; analogue wrist watches and digital wrist watches.

Analogue wrist watches: These watches have two hands which point to the hours and minutes. This type of wrist watch has numbers or marks which represent 12 hours. These wrist watches are more formal, and this makes them suitable for business events which are intended to be formal.

Digital wrist watches: These watches have LCD displays that show the time in numeric form. These wrist watches are seen as casual.

You can avoid making a slipup when it comes to wrist watches matching you outfit by making sure your watch matches the formality of the occasion. Below are the different types of occasions and the types of wrist watches that will suit those occasions.

  • Black tie – When it comes to formal events like these, the best wrist watch for men to wear is one that is simple. For this reason, a simple dress watch which has a black leather strap and classic style would be best.
  • Business dress – For this type of occasion, you should wear a classic styled watch which has a thin dial. An example of the type of wrist watch you could wear is a dress watch or a diver watch. These wrist watches will fit perfectly for this specific occasion. This occasion would mean you would likely wear a dark coloured suit.
  • Business casual – This type of occasion can be paired with a high-end chrono watch, a pilot watch, or a smart field watch. This is because this occasion would usually mean you would wear a light-coloured suit and no tie.
  • Casual – For this occasion, a wrist watch for men which has a metal band is considered suitable. This is because a metal band is seen as casual. Another type of watch you could wear for this occasion is a digital wrist watch.
  • Sports – For this occasion, which could involve a lot of activity and movement, you need a wrist watch which will not break easily or come off. This means that a dress watch would not be the right choice. You should wear a wrist watch which is made for the purpose of sports activities, as they will be durable enough not to break.

If you really don’t know which wrist watch to wear, you should pick a watch which matches your body. This means that it should be proportionate that the shape and size of your body, for example, a thin person can wear a thin wrist watch. Whereas, a larger person is able to pull of wearing a much bulkier looking watch.