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About Us

Brand Identity

Discovering Heart believes in keeping things modern, practical and fair costed. We work hand-by-hand with Gildan, one of the world's largest manufacturer of apparel. This allows us to control almost every step in the process, from raw materials to finished garments. 

As a responsible corporate citizen, we are committed to the fair and ethical treatment of people throughout the Company’s supply chain. As a core value, we operate responsibly and with respect for human rights. From theory to practice, we empower our people to act responsibly and to speak up when faced with adversity - without fear of reprisals.

Discovering Heart strictly prohibits all forms of forced labour and child labour in the production of our apparel. Amidst renewed global concerns over these severe human rights issues and their incidences within complex and often misunderstood supply chains, there has never been a single case of forced or child labour at any of our cooperating manufacturers.

Discovering Heart's future success requires that we build stronger communities, skilled workers and solid educational infrastructures in the regions where we operate.

The strength of our company is our people. Their skills, expertise and commitment to excellence is what fuels our success.

Leveraging our scale:

Beyond building factories and employing workers, we understand the importance of supporting strong educational programs to sustain our growth. Our engagement empowers local communities and allows us to develop stronger talent in the workforce.

No Detail Too Small:

Our entrepreneurial spirit demands that we scrutinize the impact of every gallon of water, gram of dyes, pound of scrap and kilowatt of energy on the environment and our bottom line. We look to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible and invest in innovative solutions to achieve our goals.

Taking Care of our Family

Health care, wellness and good nutrition are important to everyone. Manufacturing employees have access to free medical clinics onsite, subsidized meals and free transportation, all creating tremendous value for our people. 

More than 830,000 Hours of Training

As we recognize the importance of providing employees with ongoing education through various types of training designed to improve the technical, administrative and interpersonal skills necessary in their present job or to position them for future growth within the organization

In 2016 we provided in excess of 830,000 man-hours of training to our global workforce.

Discovering Heart positively influences the entire value chain, by controlling almost every part of the manufacturing process, from raw materials to finished products.